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A pilot, a sailboat

There's a pilot I fly with a lot in her airplane. She lets me fly by myself if I want. We were students together in flight training and I like helping her out with her plane. Today I finally got her out on one of the club boats. A bit of a late start and it was rather hot and humid today. Wind this morning let her get a bit of the feel of how the boat works. She'd sailed once before, when at camp as a child. She said this was a totally different experience, for one thing she didn't dump the boat over and have to swim for shore.

We ran down the lake. It's up somewhere between 6 and 10 feet from all the rain dumped lately. The water cloudy, not nearly so clear. Back and forth we worked the boat, she at first doing some work with the jib sheets, then I turned over the tiller and let her play helmsman for a bit. By the end of the day she's hooked. Tonight she's told me I've shot out of the water the "I don't like sailboats" mentality. She wants to go again when the wind is up higher.

Flying the wing of an airplane, or the sails of a boat, it's hard for a pilot not to get hooked once they feel the life in the wings.

A good day.
Tags: flying, life, outdoors, sailing
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