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After the Rain...

Sunday it dawned a messy foggy day. Even though I was up at the airport getting a new sectional, I really didn't expect things to get any better during the day. Kathy and I mucked about the hanger a bit on some minor chores, went and got lunch and then watched the sky try to start to clear. We decided we'd give it a handful of hours and see about an afternoon flight if the wind slacked off some and the clouds continued to improve.

Sometime around three I was online and chatted with Kathy in IM, the sky was calling, were we going to answer?

Did it expect otherwise?

At the airport, preflighted, some air put into the grumpy right main we were soon taxing out. Going past the south hangers we chanced to spot the yellow and blue stearman that is kept there, pulled out, the wings being swept of dust once more. Someday I will get over to their hanger when they have her pulled out and introduct myself. I'd sure like to beg a ride in one someday. She's a pretty plane.

The sky was blue, the winds were kind and Kathy was on her game. Some pattern practice at GPM and then we headed down to Lancaster for the crosswinds. The fields all cut of their crops, summer has given way to fall, a chill in the air, the cockpits again liveable down low under the shelf. We've had so much rain this year, all the stock ponds are full. Things looked fresh washed and clean from our Saturday storms.

Once done at LNC we headed down to Midway, hearing a glider and tow in the air and then returning, we made a low pass on the runway to check out the construction. Quite a runway they are retrofitting out there. A great field, an even better group of pilots. We head on out to the practice area.

I get to fly a little from the right seat, it's been far too many months since I banked and wove back and forth. Picking on some cow pastures, a few 360 turns left and right as muscle memory I thought dormant woke up and began to correct once more. I see TSA Gliderport, we keep an eye out for gliders even as we hear the glider and tow take off from Midway once more. Carol's doing the tow, the gliders radio is quiet, muted, I guess a handheld. We catch site of what looks to be the scout or citabria pulling the glider aloft off the pilots wing. Located a good bit off, silhouetted black against the blue sky they climb ever upwards. Our courses are more or less parallel as they climb. We watch as the rope is let go, the tow looks to dive left and the glider to the right and up, free from its bonds it soars. We watch it seek, find, then enter a tight climbing turn in a thermal as they fly free.

Smiling we head back towards home, over the outer finger of Joe Pool lake we catch site of another plane. This one is doing wingovers, back and forth, up and down, laughing in the wind it has biplane yellow wings and a blue fuselage. Our stearman is up having fun over the lake. You can't blame him, it's turned into a beautiful afternoon.

Kathy takes the plane back as she calls the tower at Grand Prairie. They clear us a direct to 35, call approaching I-20 at our still sleepy little airport. Another fine landing and we are heading back to our hanger, passing one of the rental 172s getting ready to go up and a C140 at the fuel pumps about to fill up. Seems some others are about to fly as we all wake up to the call after the rain.
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