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if I had any other viable option I'd not cross my office door here tomorrow

shortsighted egotistical luddites
they think they understand technology
they have no clue

we will tell a contract programmer that no, indeed, the way you are doing things does make a lot of sense, would be the best way to do it, we all agreed to it in the beginning, now however upper management would rather you do it this brain dead, rube goldberg way that is error-laden and prone to failure. oh, and they want it working this new way by the end of the year. yes, we understand you are off a week and a half between now and then, and most of our staff is also unavailable, however, we still want what we want

and this is just part of the stupidity that has gone on this day...

I am physically ill today over how everything has gone...

none of this is worth it
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