SlipStream Surfer (slipstreamsurfr) wrote,
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After a longer time than I ever thought it would take..
through many trials untold...

I passed the medical flight check for a pilot with monocular vision...
I got the Statement Of Demonstrated Ability. Not only that, I also had the okay from FAA Medical to take the alternative color vision/light gun test and passed that as well..
I now have an unrestricted Class III flight medical, for the first time, well, ever......

I got my wings back...

the solo reposition flight in my CFI's plane from my home airport to his airport was the sweetest .4 of an hour I've yet to fly....
Tags: flying
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I know I got to tell you this in person, but wanted to say it again, bears repeating.. :)

Congratulations, and you know we couldn't be happier for you. I know how much flying means to you, and it's so endlessly wonderful that you have your wings back again. Glad you pursued the medical option, even when it seemed rather daunting at the beginning. Glad the payoff is so spectacular!