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I spent the day rebuilding an old Snark Sunflower sailing dinghy at a friends house today. It needed new transom plates, a new mast brace, some new hardware. The mast brace pins are reglued into the hull. The new wooden parts are all sanded and have their first coat of varnish. I know now how I'll deal with our bent mast (reverse it, put the bent end up high until I can source better tubing to fabricate a new one). An original rudder will be hung tomorrow replacing the oddball previous user fabbed part and then I'll do a dry fit of all the parts/mast/sail on the stands to make sure she'll be ready to sail for the first time come Tuesday.

I was thinking today, tonight, about working with all the parts, making the new ones from wood. This is the kind of thing that Dad would have liked.

He would have approved.

that felt good.....
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